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Great explanation videos do more than generate ‘oohs.’ They get measurable results. Learn more about how we will achieve your desired outcome.

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A streamlined process means better videos, faster turnaround, and less stress for everyone involved. See for yourself how we make the magic happen.

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We believe video costs should never be a mystery. That’s why our clients will always know exactly what they’ll pay before production begins.

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No outsourcing. Ever. Splainers has found there’s just too much to gain by keeping the whole project collaborative and ‘in-house.’


Our Team

Considering our job is to focus on client objectives and cozy up to target audiences, it’s a bit awkward to talk about ourselves. But here goes...

Founded by writers in 2008 and based in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Splainers is dedicated to telling great stories while achieving measurable results.

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Mark Smith

Chief Explanation Officer
As a writer-producer (FOX) and marketing director (Vail Resorts), Mark saw a growing need for both compelling videos and better explanations. When he combined the two into a single product, ’Splainers’ was born.
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Seth High

Creative Director・Writer
After working for a decade in Tokyo as a copywriter and video producer, Seth brought his results-oriented approach to Splainers in 2013. His passion for storytelling and audience research informs every video we produce.
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Maresa Eve Smith

Business Manager
Maresa’s experience in sales, product development and audio-video production allows her to understand both the client and studio sides of making a video. Her attention to detail is simply awesome.
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Marco A. Piceno

Sr. Animator・Artist
Marco’s love of art and life can be seen in all the great characters and styles of animation he comes up with. Having worked at Splainers for 6 years, he also knows how to turn great stories into videos that get results.
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Ross Ishikawa

Sr. Animator・Artist
After a full career as a published architect, Ross returned to his childhood love of animation. Also an improvisational actor, Ross enjoys the process of developing a fully realized story from the germ of an idea.
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Robin Holland

Audio Designer・ Animator
Robin has spent most of her life as an accompanist and composer. Her love of putting together videos for her band led to an interest in storyboarding and animating.
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Ayako High

UX Designer・Animator
After stints at Pantone Japan and Amazon, Aya brought highly developed web and visual design skills to Splainers. We soon found that her design sense and dedication to better user experiences translates well to animation.
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Aron Kremer

Representative Director, Japan
We feel really lucky to have added Aron to our team in 2014. As a photographer and experienced sales pro,Aron has feet in both the creative arts and business worlds. More importantly, he sees how they fit together.
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Travis Chen

While still in high school, Travis had an animated short featured at the Seattle Film Festival. Now he’s bringing his crazy good art and animation skills to Splainers while pursuing a Computer Science degree.
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Rachel Lionheart

Voice Actor・Writer
A talented actress and improviser, Rachel is also the great voice behind many of our Splainer videos. She also helps with writing and making sure the office has plenty of creative energy.


Splainer : [spleyn-er] - (noun)  1. A simple yet memorable explanation. Used to engage audiences and create nods of understanding.  2. Proven storytelling technique that often involves metaphors and surprising situations.


Since 2008, Splainers has created hundreds of memorable stories for clients big and small.


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